Syndicate 5678 offers products in a number of insurance classes, including Financial Institutions, Professional Indemnity, Accident & Health, North American Specialty Programs and Property Direct & Facultative. Click the links below to find out more about our highly experienced team.


Syndicate 5678 offers Accident & Health Treaty, Casualty Treaty, Property Treaty and Credit, Surety, Political Risk & Terrorism Treaty Reinsurance. Click the links below to discover more about what we offer, and our outstanding team.


Syndicate 5678 was originally formed to specialise in Reinsurance to Close contracts at Lloyd’s. The team has an excellent reputation in this field and continues to quote for legacy business. Click the links below to learn more.

While the managing agent and syndicate were formed initially to help deal with the very real problem Lloyd's faced at the time caused by the large number of unnaturally open years, which trapped thousands of names and billions of pounds, it was our intention to broaden the scope of our business by forming or acquiring a live underwriting operation.

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