Vibe Syndicate Management Limited is part of the Syndicate Holding Corp (SHC) group of companies. With its excellent financial backing and access to capital, SHC has the resources to provide major run-off solutions, on a global scale, to companies considering divesting legacy business.

The Group will consider suitable acquisitions in Europe, the US, Bermuda and other overseas countries.

Currently, the Syndicate Holding Corp group consists of companies operating in the Lloyd’s, London and Puerto Rican markets:


Vibe Syndicate Management Limited (VIBESM) was originally formed to help syndicates at Lloyd’s close unnaturally open underwriting years of account following the dislocation in the Lloyd’s market in the late 1990’s. VIBESM’s Lloyd’s syndicate has executed 11 transactions and closed 25 open years generating premium in excess of $800million. Since writing its first transaction in 2008, Syndicate 5678 (managed by VIBESM) has become one of the largest and most successful providers of run-off solutions to the Lloyd’s market.

London & International

Inceptum Insurance Company Limited, based in London, is the Group’s provider of run-off and legacy solutions to the UK and European insurance and reinsurance markets.

Puerto Rico

Syndicate Re A.I., is an authorised reinsurance company.

Our team

Joe England

Group Chief Executive Officer

+44 (0)20 3096 4000

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